In Remembrance of Kanye West’s GOOD Fridays – (for Pigeons and Planes)

Fall 2010 was the most exciting time to be a Kanye West fan, but not because of November’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. No, in 2010, Kanye gifted us with something even better—GOOD Fridays. In the months before MBDTF‘s release, Mr. West was dropping some of the best music of his career. And it was all free.

During that season-long stretch—which began around this time five years ago—Kanye released a new song once a week, for a total of 15 tracks. I remember the excitement that came with each Friday during that magical time. I should have been worried about college applications, but I couldn’t help obsessing over what time Kanye would put the next song up. With each delay, I’d imagine the last-minute work going into the finished product.

It was in those moments that my loyalty was cemented. GOOD Fridays were the reason why I became and remain the sometimes obnoxiously dedicated Kanye West fan I am today. How could you not be grateful when one of the greatest living artists gives you an album-quality song every week?

(Read the rest of the piece here.)


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